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Restoring Water Damaged Property to Its Original Condition in Westchester

Flooding can result in damage that is catastrophic. It can rip a city apart. Property or a home in Westchester, NY can quickly fill with water when a flash flood occurs. Flooding causes problems in many homes because of the need to extract flood moisture from carpeting. Mold can also appear. These are serious problems that should be handled by a certified water damage restoration company.
Water damage is a source of stress, anger and frustration to homeowners. Peace of mind is as important as the property itself when a catastrophe temporarily displaces a household. Thorough and efficient repair is a high priority of water restoration experts. Time is of the essence. A fast response minimizes inconvenience and ensures further property damage does not occur.

Water Damage should be taken seriously

Water is among the most destructive forces to affect the property, particularly if contaminated with organic waste or chemicals. Chemical runoff, from fertilizer and oil, or animal feces, provides an ideal environment for parasites, fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other harmful microbes to multiply. Industry technicians have the training and equipment to eliminate quickly pressing threats from these hazards. Wild animals swept up in a flood pose another risk. Fire, structural, and electrical hazards may be present which have the potential of being deadly.
Speed is a major issue with excess moisture removal. It takes only 48 hours for mold to set in on items not dried and cleaned to some extent. Professionals have the needed manpower to deal with extensive destruction.
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The Process

Removing all furniture from a space and identifying the extent of the damage is the first order of business. Usually, insulation, casings, baseboards, and carpeting need to be disposed of. A significant portion of drywall will likely need to be also removed. The organic materials facilitate mold growth. Other microbes thrive on them too. Allowing them to remain constitutes a health risk.
Certified technicians remove water damaged material from the property. Pumps are used to remove standing water. A pattern of dehumidifiers and air movers is then set up. Air is circulated around the wet items by the fans. The fans wick moisture from the items, and humidifiers draw moisture from the air. Humidifiers are used to dry-out property and make the environment safe once more.
Moisture meters are used to track the progress of the drying process. The meter probes detect the moisture level in an item. This probing allows technicians to keep an eye on how well things are drying. Several days are needed to complete the drying process. When the process is complete, technicians thoroughly clean the space.

Professional Water Clean Up is Needed

Damaged areas are handled by trained reconstruction crews who return the property to the original condition. New drywall, carpeting, casings, baseboards, and insulation are installed at this time. The goal of the professional is to address the problem as soon as possible to get a homeowner back to a normal life.

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