Working With Insurance Companies for Water Damage Restoration

Restoration companies are nearly always the first responders to a home having significant water damage caused by sewage backups, fires, floods, or other major events. The company’s job is to protect and preserve as many contents of the home as possible as it cleans up the mess and prevents further damage.
Restoration companies must be licensed by the state and be under contract with homeowners before doing home repairs. Call your insurance agent or representative after a major catastrophe. Insurance companies provide information about companies that remove water and the contaminants they contain. Most insurance companies know community restoration companies that can quickly

begin the clean up the process.

An insurance company may contact a water damage restoration professional, but the company works for the property owner. The owner’s insurance policy may dictate responsibilities that must be observed to prevent further damage. Discuss questions about clean-up with the claims adjuster or insurance representative.

Getting the Work Done

Make a thorough walk through with the water damage technicians when he or she arrives. Discuss the area that needs to be cleaned. The insurance representative or adjuster may make recommendations about what and how the property should be cleaned, but the final decision rests with the property owner. It is recommended to take pictures of the damage that have occurred.
After the damage restoration company evaluates the needed work to be done and equipment required for accomplishing the job, you will be presented with an estimate and/or contract. Check that all discussed services are listed. A company cannot begin work until the contract is signed.
Your signature makes you, not the insurance company, responsible for payment. Most insurance settlements cover clean-up costs. If the claim is denied, you will be responsible for paying the restoration company. Frequently inspect the area that was cleaned, in the weeks that follow the water damage, to ensure no dampness or moisture remains.

The Choice Is Yours

You are under no obligation to hire the restoration company recommended by the insurance agent. You are free to select the company of your choice for the clean-up. Whoever is chosen must perform the work quickly to prevent additional damage to the property.
If a problem arises with the restoration company, you must deal with the company directly. The insurance company has no jurisdiction over the restoration company. Not all restoration and cleaning services are covered by insurance policies. While the home is being cleaned, the property owner is not required to be in the house but is responsible for overseeing the work. You, as a customer, should be satisfied with the completed project.
We work with all the major insurance companies in the country and fully document
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