Fire Damage

Fire Damage Restoration


Firefighting efforts, though necessary, cause extensive damage from water, smoke and fire. Professionals have specialized restoration training that restores a home to its pre-fire condition. Every event is different. The general process is the same, but each requires solutions that are unique. Fires are hot enough to melt metal. A temperature of 3600ᵒ F causes irreparable damage if not promptly addressed. Fire damage restoration specialists can correct the situation.

Fires are especially devastating to businesses and homes. Professionals have training and experience to clean and restore the structure. They deep-clean soot from carpet and upholstery and remove pervasive smoke odor.


Types of Fire and Smoke Damage


Complicated smoke and fire damage needs an evaluation by professionals. There are four basic varieties of smoke.

• Wet smoke that results from low heat fires
• Dry smoke arising from high-temperature fire that burns quickly
• Protein smoke that is virtually invisible but has an odor that is extremely pungent
• Smoke from fuel oil soot coming from furnace currents


Before Specialists Arrive


Prior to the arrival of professionals, prevent soot particles from being embedded into carpet and upholstery by limiting movement in the building. Keep hands clean in order to avoid further soil accumulation on woodwork, walls, and upholstery. Place old linens or clean towels on carpet traffic areas, upholstery, and rugs.

If the electricity is turned off, empty the refrigerators and freezers. Prop open the doors. Use a light coat of oil or petroleum jelly to protect and clean chrome. The leaves of houseplants are in need of washing on the top and bottom of the leaves. Change filters on HVAC units. Place a double layer of cheesecloth over all air vents.

Contact restoration specialists before shampooing upholstery or carpets or washing painted surfaces and wall. Consult an authorized repair service before attempting to clean electrical appliances. Packaged beverages or food stored near water, heat, or fire is not safe for consumption.

Wiring in wet ceilings is susceptible to damage. Ceiling fan use is dangerous when ceilings are wet. Ordinary dry cleaning causes smoke odor to set in garments.


Restoration Process


Professionals dedicate themselves to responding immediately when called to help with a fire damage event. A fast response means less damage and cost. Specialists are of the mentality to restore rather than replace if possible. There is a reduction is routine Interruption, and things return to normal faster.

The process of fire restoration includes the following steps.


• Contact emergency personnel
• Inspect and assess fire damage
• Board-up building and tarp roof if necessary.
• Remove and dry any water damage present
• Remove soot and smoke from all surfaces
• Clean and repair damage
• Restore to pre-fire condition

Fire damage restoration specialists evaluate fire and smoke damage. They target the smoke that saturated the structure. They determine the type of fire that took place and the needed restoration process. With no time to waste, services are often offered around the clock. Burnt remains of a home need not weigh you down. Call damage restoration professionals to save your home.

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